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Friends Seminary

A service learning project to battle Malaria in Africa

"Malaria: A bitter epidemic with a sweet solution."

As a Friends Seminary Peace Week Service Learning Project, Jamie Lieberman's class was asked to find a way to educate the community and raise money for the Sweat for Nets Program. This program buys insecticide treated Malaria nets. Each net can provide three people protection for five years, for only five dollars a net. All of the nets go directly to women and children in need living in Kenya. In response to this, our class decided to sell chocolate bars to raise money for this cause.

We designed unique wrappers for the chocolate bars to illustrate and communicate our cause. Our goal is to educate the Friends Seminary Community about Malaria, the people it affects and what can be done to help. All funds raised by this project will be donated to Sweat For Nets program.


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