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Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria worldwide


People Most Susceptible To Malaria

  • Children, pregnant women, and unborn children are most vulnerable to Malaria in Africa.
  • Malaria can be considered both a "disease of poverty and a cause of poverty" because it costs families money to cure and hurts Africa econonmically as well as being a bigger problem amongst poorer communities.
  • When bed net coverage reaches 80% in a given community, those who do not have bed nets are protected because there are fewer infected hosts.

Impacts Of Malaria

Primary social impacts of malaria:
Children missing school due to either being sick or having a sick relative hinders their ability to become educated and consequently finding good pay as an adult
Tourism and foreign investment suffers and impedes the globalization of malaria-plagued African communities

Primary economic impacts of malaria:
Due to malaria, there is an economic loss of an estimated $12 billion in Africa because of a 1.3% annual loss in GDP growth in highly infected countries
Economic losses in turn make it harder for African communities to prevent and cure malaria


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